2012 24hr relay

This is the main organizing page for our team at the
Somerville Road Runners 24 hour marathon
of magic and hell

An email went out at about 22:30 on June 3rd and in about 10 minutes we had confirmed our first team member.

The team, so far:

  1. Thomas Sullivan
  2. Israel Rodriguez
  3. Andryc Evich
  4. Mike Conte
  5. Ngawang Tsering
  6. Ed Chen
  7. Danny Huang
  1. Coach Coppenrath
  1. Kyler Evitt

If we can get 3 females we can be a 'mixed' team - and have an excellent chance of winning.
If not then we have to be a 'men's' team (which could include 1 or 2 females) and the competition is tougher.

Hopefully we'll know soon (it's now 6/11) so we can get an entry started.

So it looks like a men's team. Danny's in and now (7/5/12) we need 1 more.