Scrimmage schedule 12/5 @ SHS

6:30pm- Everyone should run 2 events counting the relay- we'll run multiple teams in the final relay to get times (splits) on many athletes in order to help plan practices and upcoming lineups for meets. Meet should conclude by 8pm
Shot Put/Boys followed by Girls
High Jump/Girls followed by Boys
50 yard High Hurdles (39") -Boys
50 yard Hurdles (33")- Girls
50 yard dash -Boys followed by Girls (multiple heats with fastest heats first in all events)
300 yard dash - start under flag then run in lanes for 1 lap followed by cut in at small orange cones for finish lap (20 yards less than 2 laps)
600 yard race- start by door to locker room hall, cut in as soon as possible, run 3 laps from finish line (3 laps + 120 yarrds)
1000 yard race- start by large window on far side of track, 6 laps from finish line (6 laps + 40 yards)
Mile- Start and finish at same spot- 11 laps
No 2-mile at Scrimmage

4 x 440 yard relay (Mile Relay) - each athlete runs 2 laps + 120 yards before passing off-
First passing zone (1-2) is between yellow lines 40 yards before finish line
Second passing zone (2-3) is 80 yards back from finish line between yellow lines near drinking fountain
Third & final passing zone (3-4) is 120 yards back from finish line between yellow lines near door to locker rooms