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Publisher/Coach   DFDickerson     Volume No. 25     Indoor Issue No. 6     Date 1/16/14

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Coach D’s Comments

What impresses the coaches is your focus no matter who the opponent may be. Medford, although missing several athletes, had strength in the shorter races & HJ. You did what was expected in each event. Highlanders were on the move. What disappoints is the lack of awareness by the no shows. There are only 4 GBL dual meets. Missing a meet is not acceptable!

Tri-Captain MBro had a message for you all but couldn’t deliver it personally- He loves this TEAM!

Max Effort

Ben-JoshG & Henry!!!

First win in dual meet for Ben Pierre!

Individual Scoring
After 2 weeks of meets
Demar Chapman 11.25
Nigel Baugh 10   
Joao Baptista 10   
Marcelo Brociner 8   
Kevin Ma 8   
Paulo Guedes 8   
David Francis 8   
Travis Dolcine 7.25
Phoenix Huertas 6   
Steven Lamisere 6   
Sarthak Khanal 5   
Ben Pierre 5   
Josh Gauyo 4.25
Odmark Ozit 4   
Malcolm Ducasse 3.25
Andre James 1   
Wilbens Vincent 1   
Sergio Rodriguez 1   
Henry Sprick 1   
Coming Events

East Coast Invitational- Saturday

Meet at SHS at 7:15am

Meet Entries
LJScholastic 9am B/G
Ozit, Odmark
Chapman, Demar
Vincent, Wilbens
HJScholastic 10am B/G
Baptista, Joao
Huertas, Phoenix
4 x 200m Scholastic- 10:30am
Squad A
Ducasse, James, Chapman, Odmark Ozit, Huertas, Baptista
Squad B
Pierre, Abrantes, Felix, Khanal, Imler Ozit
4 x 800m Scholastic- 11:10am
Squad A
Baugh, Guedes, Ma, Brociner
Squad B
Dolcine, Gauyo, Khanal, Ngawang, Bermudez
55m HHScholastic- 12:10pm
Chapman, Demar
Ozit, Odmark Final-2:25pm
Vincent, Wilbens
Ojo, Josh
55mScholastic- 12:45pm
Pierre, Ben
Abrantes, Matt Final-2:35p
James, Andre
Felix, CJ
Ozit, Imler
400mScholastic- 2:45pm
Ducasse, Malcolm
Bermudez, Kevin
4 x 400m Scholastic- 4:55-5:15pm
Squad A
Baugh, Ma, Ozit, Brociner
(may skip this one!)