Craftfair Todo List

Things to do to prepare for craft fair.

  • Before June 1st - opening of registration
    Complete web registration:
    Get list of vendor types - Yolanda - (click here to see list).
    Set up fee collection - Jamey - (click here for details).
    Get list of known vendors and table preferences - Yolanda.
    Update registration materials - ctesch.
    Finish coding online forms - ctesch.
    Send out notices to known vendors:
    emails - ctesch.
    snailmail - Yolanda.
  • second timeframe, etc.
  • third, etc.
    Get banners updated.
    More publicity:
    • Local newspapers.
    • Cable TV - ctesch.
    • Posters.
    • Sawhorses.
  • during last week
    Get plenty of sleep.